How long will my project take?

TMD prides itself on quality work done efficiently. When we start a project we see it to completion. Once started TMD focuses it’s time and resources on YOUR project. Once a scope of work is agreed upon we also create a calendar timeline for your project. So, not only will your project be completed efficiently, you will also know the work schedule before we swing the first hammer.

Why should we go with TMD?

4 reasons: First, we are up front and open about all our costs. Second, we recommend and use the best products available on the market. Third, everyone who shows up for TMD is highly skilled in their trade and holds quality workmanship as a priority. Lastly, TMD holds service communication at a premium--at every step we aim to serve our customers and keep the customer informed. Want to know more about us--send TMD an email and we can go into further detail on what sets us apart.

Are your employees insured? Where do you hire them?

TMD Contractors is fully insured. All our employees are insured through TMD. Furthermore, every subcontractor we use carries their own insurance as well. We keep certificates of insurance for all our subcontractors on file.

The employees TMD hires go through a rigorous interview process involving background checks, professional and character references. Our subcontractors go through a similar process. 90% of the subcontractors TMD uses have been subcontractors of TMD’s for many years.

What is your customer satisfaction rate?

100%. Because communication is held at a premium between us and the client it is easy for TMD to have a perfect satisfaction rate. If ever there’s something in a project that doesn’t go perfect we’re more than ready to work with the client to ensure 100% satisfaction.

What is your BBB rating?

TMD holds an A+ rating. Look us up on the Better Business Bureau website under TMD Contractors.