4 House Additions To Consider

Do you need a little more space in your home? Read on to learn about some ways you can make your living space match your lifestyle!

Custom home remodeling is the best way to bring the home of your dreams to life right on your existing property, but not every homeowner has the budget for such an enterprise. For those with big dreams but without the big budget to match, a house addition presents an exciting, affordable opportunity to expand one’s living space to meet the needs of their lifestyle.

But exactly what kinds of additions can one add to their home? When you work with the custom home remodeling experts at TMD Custom Builders, your options are virtually limitless. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss four of the most popular types of house additions and the value they can add to your property. Check it out!

Master Suite

Add a little luxury to your home with a master bedroom suite! If you live with a big family, the addition of a master suite is a great way to give Mom and Dad a little more privacy so they can enjoy rest and relaxation after a long day at work or with the kids. Everyone needs their alone time! And a master suite is a great way to enjoy it. Create a pristine private space for yourself and your partner, replete with all the little amenities you need to relax.

Pop Top

As growth throughout the Denver and the Front Range explodes, it could become harder and harder to find large lots. If you’re planning for a family or you feel like you’re hurting for space in your current home, don’t bother yourself with the time, hassle, and expense of a move. Create more space in your home with a pop top addition! Pop tops add additional space to your home in the form of a loft or an entire additional floor to your home. It may sound complicated to simply pop an additional level onto your house, but that’s why we’re here to help. Let our custom home remodeling experts turn your ranch into a two-story home to give your family the space it needs to grow!

Kitchen/Dining Room Expansion

Are you a passionate chef? Do you love cooking large meals for family and friends and holding dinner parties and other fun gatherings? Then a kitchen/dining room expansion might be perfect for your home. With a kitchen expansion, you can make space for larger appliances and reorganize your food prep and cooking spaces. By expanding your dining room, you can create enough space to make even large parties feel intimate. Have you always wanted an island kitchen or a hanging rack for your pots, pans, and other cooking tools? A kitchen/dining room expansion is the best way to create your dream setup.

Guest House

A guest house addition is perfect for homeowners who love to host! A guest house provides utility, even if you don’t often have family and friends over from out of town often. For instance, with a guest house, you don’t have to worry about someone enjoying themselves a little too much at one of your parties — if they can’t make it home as previously planned, you’ve got the flexibility to accommodate them! Has someone in your household caught a contagious illness? With a guest house addition, you’ll have a private space where they can safely rest and recover without exposing the rest of your family.

Start Designing Your Dream Home

A house addition is just one of the endless home remodeling options available to you when you choose Denver’s finest custom home remodeling team, TMD Custom Builders! We’re one of the most experienced home renovation teams in Denver, with the skills and expertise to handle jobs of any size, from simple house additions to stripped-to-the-studs complete home remodels and new home construction. Give us a call today, and let’s have a conversation about bringing your dream home to life!